PT. Kastara Primabarkah Indonesia

It was established in Jakarta in 2013, under the name PT Santorini Raharja Indonesia and in 2019 changed its name to PT Kastara Primabarkah Indonesia started as a representative importer and distributor for the Indonesian market. And for PT Santorini Raharja Indonesia only focus on distributing throughout Indonesia. And we have distribution channels from Retail (Supermarkets, Minimarkets, Hypermarkets – Indonesia) and we also provide distribution to food services (Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants) and General Trade (wholesalers, and traditional markets)
PT Kastara Primabarkah Indonesia was built with young people who have enormous dreams and hard work who have big commitments and clear goals and we are supported by a team of passionate and committed young people with rich and varied experiences in the world of FMCG and imports, product development, marketing and distribution over the years Our team has recognized this potential
We have another business that we still fully manage, which is engaged in exports and we are working with several manufacturers in Indonesia to create our own brand


To be a leading importer and distribution company in Indonesia that continuously presents exceptional quality and value products at competitive prices


Recognized by clients, suppliers and our team as an outstanding company in terms of performance, because it provides solutions and success for our vendors from all over the world.